Here you can find detailed case stories of our clients we've worked with and the results that we've delivered.


Here you can find detailed case stories of our clients we've worked with and the results that we've delivered.

INDUSTRY: Employment & Hiring

B2C Lead Generation

Robin offers intermediate services between temporary employment agencies and people looking for a job abroad, with a living space in Netherlands, Germany & Belgium.

RESULTS Q2 vs Q3 2022
  • Increase the number of leads by 28%
  • Cost per Lead decreased by 19%
  • Lift in Conversion rate by 29%
  • Surpassed target lead numbers in 11/14 markets
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INDUSTRY: Skincare & Makeup


WONDERSKIN is a beauty brand selling makeup and skincare in the US. Their products are far from ordinary – the brow kits and peel-off lip tints went viral on TikTok

RESULTS Q2 vs Q3 2021
  • 195% more search non-brand conversions
  • 157% more shopping conversions
  • 28% lower account-level cost per conversion
  • 151% more spent with only 15% lower ROAS
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INDUSTRY: Tax Returns

B2C Lead Generation

Duty Refunds, a young business, faced challenges with being the only one carrying a new niche, with the website still developing. This is why our client saw the great potential…

RESULTS June & July vs April & May
  • 268% more conversions
  • 24% lower Cost per Lead
  • 11 major experiments over the course of 9 months
  • 3 major structure changes to support growth
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INDUSTRY: Cookware & Kitchenware


Jean Patrique is a quality kitchenware brand operating in the UK for over 20 years. Their story began when one French chef in the UK made a small order of restaurant-quality…

RESULTS 2021 vs 2020
  • 108% more search non-brand conversions
  • 41% more shopping conversions
  • 11% lower account-level cost per conversion
  • 36% more spent with 29% higher ROAS
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INDUSTRY: Printed Circuit Board

B2B Lead Generation

Rush PCB is one of the leading PCB Manufacturing Companies in the USA. They’ve been serving the electronics industry with printed circuit boards and assembly…

  • CPL decreased by 63%
  • Increase of monthly leads from 11 to 100+
  • Lift in Conversion rate for 27%
  • Spent increase from 15k to 40k a month
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INDUSTRY: Moving & Shipping

B2C Lead Generation

ZIP Moving & Storage is a certified moving company in the US that serves all major Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest cities. Their services include all types of moving and storage…

  • CPL decreased by 73%
  • Lift in Conversion rate by 30%
  • Increase from 27 to 150 leads per month
  • 12 Ad variations tested until the winner was found
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