Identifying data valuable to you

Whether you sell a product online or generate leads, if you’re B2B or B2C – you need Conversion Tracking to make your business more successful

Every business should use GTM & GA to track & analyze the following dimensions:

  • User website interactions
  • Micro & Macro conversions
  • Page performance tracking
  • Scroll depth tracking
  • Active & Passive time on-site tracking
  • User flow on the website
  • A/B testing implementation
  • Web Chat widget interactions

Lead Generation Businesses

Lead generation businesses count on Conversion Tracking to bring actionable inputs about:

  • The way visitors are interacting with your website
  • Completing specific sets of actions when engaging with lead forms
  • Submitting forms
  • Starting phone calls from your website
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Signing up for newsletters
  • Spending a significant amount of time reading your content

With these analyses, we're looking for bottlenecks in the lead generation funnel to improve conversion rate from a visitor into a lead, lead into a sale, and LTV.

E-commerce Businesses

E-commerces do Conversion Tracking for / need to have optimal structure, including:

  • View Product, ATC, Initiate Checkout tracking
  • E-commerce Purchase Conversion tracking
  • Recurring Purchase Conversion tracking
  • Dynamic Remarketing setup
  • Enhanced E-commerce setup
  • Enhanced Conversion setup for Google Ads
  • Google Merchant Center Feed setup
  • Facebook Commerce Catalog setup
  • Microsoft Merchant Center Feed setup

With these analyses, we're looking for bottlenecks in the checkout funnel to improve the shopping experience and increase avg. order value & lifetime value.

Every Conversion Tracking client goes through the following steps after onboarding

Our web analytics department will work on your Conversion Tracking and GTM to build systems that bring actionable inputs on how to optimize funnel, messaging, offer, and performance of all traffic sources – on an ongoing basis

  • 1. Audit & Research

    The key to building exemplary web analytics & conversion tracking systems is understanding all ins and outs of your business. What was tracked, which data should be accurate but isn't, and how people move through different stages in a funnel are just a few. We track and analyze macro-level behaviors like purchasing or cart/form abandoning to get insight on our next focus.

  • 2. Strategy & Planning

    Next we make a plan of what we're going to track. We ensure your website is optimized for important events such as leads, sales, or phone calls. Micro conversions (scroll depth, active and passive time on page, clicked on CTA, signed up for newsletter and others) are also vital. We use them for remarketing audiences, page performance, user behavior analysis, etc.

  • 3. GTM & Conversion Tracking Setup

    When we agree upon a plan, we execute the strategy in GTM and make sure eve interaction is tracked properly in Google Analytics, both UA and GA4: Events (Conversion in GA4) & Goals. We make sure that actual events are sent to the correct advertising platform, ensuring all data collection in GA4. We always apply the latest best practices in conversion tracking.

  • 4. Google Analytics Setup

    All of our events come in seamlessly and are fully integrated with Google Analytics so we can track their performance. The proper infrastructure that brings in insightful, reliable, and quality data is key to successful conversion tracking. Your business could be left in the dark about the users' interaction and possible problems, so we give our maximum to do a spotless job.

  • 5. Integrations & Offline Conversions

    We ensure only accurate conversions are tracked, which is your business's most important bottom line. But, in many cases, the main conversion happens offline. Offline conversions are actions that impact the budget, but we can't track by traditional conversion tracking. Still, we can retrace and import it to our data, thanks to integrations like Zapier for Google Ads.

  • 6. Maintenance & Updates

    We do conversion tracking checkups on an ongoing basis to ensure that we're always on top of our game. By the way, analyses are, after all, the most exciting tasks! By implementing the latest best practices from the industry and regularly updating the system, your account continues to be healthy & thrive in perpetuity!

Meet our clients from around the world

  • Data from Website & CRM fully connected

  • 37 events tracked as conversions

Akber Roy

CEO of RushPCB

When Diligent did tracking setup, I was able to see all conversions. This was my biggest problem for a while and I’m happy it’s finally resolved. Throughout the process, the team was very proactive, organized, and I would definetly recommend them to everyone.

Your Conversion tracking agency must be covering everything from the list!

Our protocols ensure that you’re getting the most out of your account.

  • E-commerce Tracking
  • GTM Implementation & Maintenance
  • Lead Generation Tracking
  • GA4 Setup & Conversion Tracking
  • Macro Conversion Tracking
  • Pixel Implementation & Maintenance
  • Site Search Tracking
  • Dynamic Remarketing Setup
  • Scroll Depth Tracking
  • Cross-Domain Tracking Setup
  • Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Remarketing Setup
  • Active & Passive Time on Page Tracking
  • Enhanced Ecommerce Setup
  • Newsletter Subscription Tracking
  • DataLayer Setup
  • Site Speed Analysis
  • CRM Integrations

We are equally Diligent with all conversion tracking and web analytics platforms

Every step the user takes must be tracked and visible in Google Analytics. It often means combining different tools and platforms, but we got you fully covered here!

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Landing Page Design + Conversion Tracking are a match made in heaven

Designing landing pages paired with tracking conversions will improve your sales or leads, website’s performance and increase the quality of all traffic sources.

Landings pages are an excellent way for marketers to increase their ROI. The higher the conversion rate, the more profitable every future marketing campaign will be!

Conversion tracking setup helps determine so many elements on the landing page – it gives us accurate performance data shines a spotlight on bottlenecks, leaving little room for future mistakes.

You choose the scope and the pace. We are flexible and can support you in multiple ways

Priority is what terms suit you best. Our focus is on what brings the most value to your business!

Ongoing Conversion Tracking

We handle initial setup and tweaks and update conversion tracking with the latest practices. We’re always available for help, to sort out issues, or help you understand user behavior.


One-time Conversion Tracking Setup

We’ll do a complete setup of Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking. You’ll have properly organized and structured Google Analytics and data inside, ready for ongoing Web Analytics.


Ongoing Conversion Tracking Consulting

Anyone from your side can have screen share calls with us as often as possible, guiding and upskilling you with the latest Web Analytics approaches and decision-making process.

Meet a dedicated team of 5 specialists before they start doing wonders with Conversion Tracking

You get a dedicated Web Analyst who works closely with the PPC account manager, CRO Strategist & Designer, applying all findings from Google Analytics to increase conversion rate reliably.


Reporting & Communication tailored exactly to you

We follow our protocols relentlessly but match your needs on the dot.


Meet our clients from around the world

  • Data from 5 platforms is collected properlly

  • 26 events tracked as conversions

Richard Obousy

CEO of CitizenShipper

For a long time I struggled with tracking because of the complexity of the funnel. I worked with several different people, but no one could resolve it. I met Igor, and his team and they quickly found the solution and set up tracking on the entire platform. They also provided excellent account management and did everything very thoroughly and in a structured way. I would recommend this team for PPC and Web Analytics services.

Request an Audit of Conversion Tracking & Google Analytics setup

We'll go over 30+ different settings and dimensions in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, checking how conversions are tracked, and Google Analytics organized. We will make a doc file with audit outputs, prioritizing the list of needed improvements and missing settings.

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