"Who is seeing our ads?" is the question!

Profitability and conversion volume drastically improve when we start serving users with ads tailored to their stage in the funnel.

Cold Acquisition

With different bidding strategies, thresholds, messaging, and landing pages, one set of campaigns is for people actively researching what we offer but haven’t been on our website.

Cold campaigns introduce our product and its benefits to convert people to the “Action” phase. They are essential for driving new, interested users in the funnel and the only way to scale an account continuously.


When served with tailored messaging, different CTA & incentives to act, people familiar with our offer have a significantly higher conversion rate than cold users.

Investing in someone who already knows who we are, provides a significant number of conversions with much lower CPA. Remarketing supports users until they reach the “Action” phase, up-sells and cross-sells other products/services.

When we start working on the account, things are happening in the following order:

The project team working on your account goes through the following 7 stages, synergizing intensively in the process to set up and develop a Google Ads account in the most profitable way.

  • 1. Research, Research, Research

    All past data you have in any account is the priority for analysis and a foundation on which we'll build everything else. We need to get familiar with our competitors - their creatives, targeting, landing pages & offer- to understand the lowest hanging fruits. We need to learn about the niche and understand which actions we can create funnels in each stage of the buyer's journey.

  • 2. Targeting & Excludions

    We always aim to prevent unnecessary spending; It starts with the structure of what's targeted and excluded. Simultaneously, as we're preparing who to target, we're building lists of negative keywords, placements and audiences. This allows us to save on ad spend, from the start, on targeting options that haven't worked in the past, are not relevant or have too high CPA.

  • 3. Creatives, Messaging & Funnel

    What the user is looking for must align with messaging in ads, banners & landing pages. This element is critical to lower CPA and get more conversions within the same budget. The stage of the buyers' journey dictates the tone of messaging & CTA and the type of offer and incentive.

  • 4. A/B & Split Testing

    Split and A/B testing is the only sure way to develop an account continuously. All the time, we need to test everything - keywords with different intent, ads and offers, bidding strategies with different profitability & CPA goals, landing pages, CTAs and funnels. Testing things and testing right leads to the account's growth and improvement of profitability.

  • 5. Growth Forcasting

    Based on the accurate conversion tracking & data-driven reporting, we can forecast potential conversion volume & CPA. Whether we run the account to grow conversions volume or optimize for profitability, we can estimate how much a particular KPI will change depending on how we optimize the account.

  • 6. Lifetime Value Modeling

    Calculate your customers' lifetime value to understand the future value each conversion will bring. With this information, we can deeper optimize bidding strategies. Long-term measurement of ROI from ad spend & LTV of your users will help you understand better your most valuable users, the approach to them and what to up-sell & cross-sell.

  • 7. Account Expansion

    As the initial structure is optimized & improved and AI & algorithms are fully developed, targeting options higher in the funnel become available and profitable. Expanding an account by acquiring users early in their research is a proven way to significantly increase the number of conversions with a much lower CPA compared to the bottom of the funnel bidding.

Meet our clients from around the world

  • 39% CPA Reduction

  • 42% more leads in first month

Akber Roy

CEO CitizenShipper

Improvements started showing right after the setup was finished. I managed the account myself, and it was in decent state before the Diligent team. Breaking down the structure, improving the ads and landing pages they built really helped the account.Igor and his team resolved tracking too, which was my biggest problem.

Real Google Ads management must cover everything from the list!

We have a list of our daily, bi-weekly, weekly & monthly protocols we follow to optimize every dimension in the account.

  • Micro & Macro Conversion Tracking
  • Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Negative Keywords Expansion
  • Exact Match Keyword Expansion
  • Single Keyword Ad Groups
  • New Keyword Expansions
  • Intent-Based Grouping
  • Remarketing List For Search Ads
  • Audience Tailored Copywriting
  • Retargeting Improvements
  • Ads Testing
  • New Creative Ad Launches
  • Smart Bidding Strategy Testing
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Custom Youtube Audiences
  • Conversion Quality Improving
  • Geographic Bid Adjustments
  • Shopping Campaign Optimization
  • Tailored Dashboard with Custom KPIs
  • Custom Display Audiences

Google Ads Management is our primary field of expertise, but we are equally Diligent on all PPC platforms

A business benefits most when it covers its target audience & website visitors on all relevant platforms, with tailored messaging.

Entire Google Ads performs better when paired with custom landing page design

Landing pages have to match the user’s search query, have messaging aligned with the stage of the funnel & maximize the Quality Score of Search campaigns

How to get a funnel with a very high conversion rate? By pairing sets of landing pages with methodological campaign structure in the Google Ads account.

Landing pages adjusted for every stage of the buyer’s journey allow us to show the most relevant content to each user, with a unique offering and messaging. CPA naturally goes down when the entire funnel converts better, getting more conversions within the same budget.

You choose the scope and the pace. We are flexible and can support you in multiple ways

Priority is what terms suit you best. Our focus is on what brings the most value to your business!

Ongoing Specialty Management

Let us handle everything about Google Ads management. It will free your time, and your account will grow the fastest this way.


Google Ads Revenue Share

Long term partnership where you have less risk upfron. We do everything that’s needed, but we earn more when accounts grow.

One-time Google Ads Setup

We’ll do past data analysis and create a campaign structure that supports scaling and unlocks full optimization potential.


Ongoing Google Ads Consulting

We’ll work with you or your account manager to upskill you to all the best practices. We can have weekly sessions or any other schedule that works for you.

Meet a dedicated team of 4 specialists before they start growing your Google Ads

You get a dedicated PPC Account manager, Web Analyst, CRO Strategist & Designer who work on your account and attend every meeting. We encourage you always to challenge our knowledge, approach & strategy!


Reporting & Communication tailored exactly to you

We follow our protocols relentlessly but match your needs on the dot.


Meet our clients from around the world

  • 54% CPA Reduction

  • 23% - 25% monthly increase in Conversions

Lawrence Yates

Chief Marketing Officer at CosyHouseCollection

We always get the best results with the Diligent team. They’re dedicated, have outstanding attention to detail, and are very proactive in communication. They successfully hit the CPA goals and we’ve seen our ROI’s double along with our daily spend.

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