Don’t be left in the dark: Switch to GA4 on time & let it bring value to you

Regardless if you sell a product or generate leads, GA4 will enrich your business!

Regardless if you sell a product or generate leads, GA4 will enrich your business!

  • User website interactions
  • New vs. Returning visitors behavior
  • Micro & Macro conversions
  • Page performance
  • Scroll Depth
  • User demographics, location, interests
  • User flow on both website and apps (Cross-device tracking)
  • Performance of marketing channels
  • The quality of traffic from different channels
  • A/B testing implementation and results

Lead Generation Businesses

Google Analytics 4 provides actionable insights for businesses looking to grow their customer base with:

  • The way visitors are interacting with your website
  • Completing specific sets of actions when engaging with lead forms
  • Submitting forms
  • Starting phone calls from your website
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Signing up for newsletters
  • Spending a significant amount of time reading your content

The analysis should identify any bottlenecks in the lead generation funnel to improve conversion rates from a visitor into leads, lead into a sale, and LTV.

E-commerce Businesses

Selling online is made easier with the help of GA4 – it provides actionable inputs and ensures that your business has all its bases covered:

  • Prospect vs Customer website behavior
  • Purchase, Add to Cart & Initiate Checkout conversion volume & conversion rates
  • Checkout Funnel Behavior & Drop-Off Rate
  • Shopping Behavior
  • Sales data crossed with multiple segments & dimensions
  • Product Performance
  • Funnel Visualization

With these analyses, we're looking for bottlenecks in the checkout funnel to improve the shopping experience and increase avg. order value & lifetime value.

Every Web Analytics client goes through the following steps after onboarding

Our web analytics department will migrate your properties and data from Universal Analytics, build your analytics system and optimize funnel, messaging, offer and performance on an ongoing basis in GA4.

  • 1. Audit & Research

    We need to know your data in UA - what was tracked before, what data is accurate, and what's missing infrastructure-wise. We need to know your funnel and KPIs and which micro and macro conversions are essential. When we figure out the ins and outs of your business, we are a step closer to creating an exemplary analytics system.

  • 2. Strategy & Planning

    That's right; we make the exact plan of what you're tracking on your website. Macro conversions, which include leads, sales, phone calls, etc., & are the main events we optimize and report performance. We also plan micro conversions, which are very important: active and passive time on page, scroll depth, clicked on CTA buttons, signed up for newsletter, etc.

  • 3. Google Analytics 4 Setup

    We import all events created in GTM in Google Analytics, and they're used to create Conversions around which we create Custom Segments, Custom Audiences & Custom Reports. GA4 is a powerful tool that needs to be set up correctly to work correctly. For reliable, ongoing web analytics and reporting, GA4 must have a specific infrastructure.

  • 4. Developments & Updates

    Work on the account is endless - we always dig deep to identify additional actions we should track. System refinement is also a part of that continual process - to ensure that KPIs are the ones we care about the most, updating if needed and ensuring the latest best practices are implemented.

  • 5. Analysis & Reports

    We run weekly analyses and report back to you on changes and the performance of all major dimensions in GA4. (Or the ones most important for your business). We work hard with you to ensure that the data-driven and trustworthy inputs will make a huge difference when implemented.

  • 6. Lifetime Value Modeling

    Understanding the future value each conversion will bring by calculating the Lifetime Value of your customers is the key for scaling. It's crucial to optimize smart bidding strategies to their fullest. Measuring LTV on an ongoing basis allows us to optimize our ad spend better, understand who our most valuable users are, the optimal way to approach them, and what to cross and up-sell.

  • 7. Custom Attribution Modeling

    GA4 default attribution models sometimes aren't enough, so we develop custom attribution models tailored to our funnel's specifics. Custom attribution models allow us to deeper evaluate the performance of different traffic sources with much higher precision.

Meet our clients from around the world

  • Data from Website & CRM fully connected

  • 37 events tracked as conversions

Akber Roy


When Diligent did tracking setup, I was able to see all conversions. This was my biggest problem for a while and I’m happy it’s finally resolved. Throughout the process, the team was very proactive, organized, and I would definetly recommend them to everyone.

Your Web Analytics agency must be covering everything from the list!

Our daily, weekly & monthly protocols guarantee that every dimension & setting in Google Analytics is checked diligently.

  • Micro & Macro Conversion Tracking
  • Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Scroll Depth Analysis
  • Active & Passive Time on Page
  • Site Search Analysis
  • Site Speed Analysis
  • Demographics Analysis
  • Geo & Location Reporting
  • Device, Browser & OS Analysis
  • Custom Goals Segmentation
  • Custom Audience Segmentation
  • Hyper-Targeted Audience Creation
  • Funnel Behaviour Analysis
  • Multi Channel Funnel Analysis
  • New & Returning Users Analysis
  • Tailored Dashboard with Custom KPIs
  • Conversion Time Lag Analysis
  • Conversion Path Analysis
  • Attribution Model Analysis
  • Time of the Day & Day of the Week Reporting

We are equally Diligent with all conversion tracking and web analytics platforms

Every step the user takes must be tracked and visible in Google Analytics. It often means combining different tools and platforms, but we got you fully covered here!

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Web Analytics & PPC go like bread and butter!

Now that you’re aware how valuable GA4 is, it’s time to integrate your PPC activities with web analytics.

When paired together, these two provide the most precise information to help you improve conversion rates and increase ROI.

Higher conversion rates give you more wiggle room on the PPC side to get creative with your bidding and position average. This will allow for a higher volume of conversions without paying per click!

Having us do Web Analytics simultaneously will make your PPC campaigns more profitable and faster.

You choose the scope and the pace. We are flexible and can support you in multiple ways

Priority is what terms suit you best. Our focus is on what brings the most value to your business!

Ongoing Web Analytics Management

If we handle the entire Google Analytics 4, you will start getting actionable inputs that work much faster!


One-time Google Analytics 4 Setup

We’ll do a complete setup of Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking. You’ll have properly organized and structured Google Analytics 4 and data inside, ready for ongoing Web Analytics.


Ongoing Google Analytics 4 Consulting

Anyone from your side can have screen share calls with us as often as you need, guiding and upskilling you with the latest Web Analytics approaches and decision-making process.

Meet a dedicated team of 5 specialists before they start doing wonders in your Google Analytics 4

You get a dedicated Web Analyst who works closely with the PPC account manager, CRO Strategist & Designer, applying all findings from Google Analytics 4 to generate more sales and get customers to sign up for your service with ease.


Reporting & Communication tailored exactly to you

We follow our protocols relentlessly but match your needs on the dot.


Meet our clients from around the world

  • User ID set up on the website and trading platform

  • 52 different audience segments created and analyzed

Faizan Anees

Co-Founder and Managing Director of ThinkMarkets

Diligent team is very skilled with Google Analytics and tracking. Our platform is complex and tracking is not simple, but we are finally seeing all conversions. They are very thorough, commited, and their communication is on point.

Request an Audit of Conversion Tracking & Google Analytics setup

We'll go over 30+ different settings and dimensions in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, checking how conversions are tracked, and Google Analytics organized. We will make a doc file with audit outputs, prioritizing the list of needed improvements and missing settings.

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