We pay close attention to all processes to ensure maximum ROI for our clients

Working systematically & in harmony to deliver unmistakable results in the following 5 stages

  • 1. Research, Research, Research

    At first, we get familiar with your business through extensive research. We analyze PPC history, competition, tracking setup, funnel health, landing pages and offer to understand the lowest hanging fruits. To create the right kind of funnel, we need to understand our target audience's needs.

  • 2. Infrastructure Setup

    We work with one thing in mind: Proper preparation prevents poor performance. So at the very beginning, we start laying the foundation right: campaign structure & restructure, proper analytics & tracking setup, ad creation & landing page design to kickstart everything coming in the following stages.

  • 3. Optimization, Scaling & Testing

    Coming in hot from the word GO because scaling & profitability are essential goals of our work. To achieve the maximum results with every client, the inevitable part of the journey is account development & optimization, followed by analytics reports, buyer's persona & split testing. We optimize to the greatest degree possible to get the most conversions.

  • 4. Conversion Rate Optimization

    By the time we had accumulated more data and understood your niche, we had optimized the lowest hanging fruits. Then it's time to focus on funnel optimization on your entire website and offer. E-commerce & Lead Gen both have high chances of generating high ROI when we do Conversion Rate Optimization, and we guarantee that!

  • 5. Granularity & Personalization

    The longer we work together, the better the results! Because with more data, we know the buyer's persona better to reach more sophisticated levels of personalization and offer what users truly need. We use web analytics tools with advanced segmentation & long-term strategies to stay on course and keep your business in full swing.

As a specialty agency, we cover everything from the list!

Our daily, weekly & monthly protocols ensure we make sure every dimension is set and checked diligently.

  • Micro & Macro Conversion Tracking
  • Geographic Bid Adjustments
  • Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Negative Keywords Expansion
  • Tailored Dashboard with Custom KPIs
  • Exact Match Keyword Expansion
  • Single Keyword Ad Groups
  • Shopping Campaign Optimization
  • New Keyword Expansions
  • Intent Based Grouping
  • Custom Display Audiences
  • Remarketing List For Search Ads
  • Audience Tailored Copywriting
  • Conversion Quality Improving
  • Retargeting Improvements
  • Ads Testing
  • Custom Youtube Audiences
  • New Creative Ad Launches
  • Smart Bidding Strategy Testing
  • Product Feed Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization

Bringing out the best in each other

Pay-Per-Click, Conversion Rate Optimization & Web Analytics are complementary under one roof and are inevitable for the highest ROI.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We began our journey in Pay-Per-Click in 2018. Since then, we have developed and perfected our skills in online advertising and today offer extensive knowledge and highly professional management on advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing, Reddit & TikTok. Hire us to set up from scratch or restructure existing accounts for the best possible ROI.

Google Ads Management

We cover everything Google Ads, and we relentlessly optimize every dimension in the account. PPC protocols ensure we go above and beyond to bring our client's ROI to all-time highs from campaign (re)structure, smart bidding strategies, and granular audience approach.

Facebook Ads Management

We set up campaigns, audiences, pixels and create unique ad variations when managing Facebook Ads. We monitor perfromance & optimize ads regularly. We're always 100% up to date with Business manager upgrades and policies.

Conversion Tracking

We track all macro and conversions on your website. Lead, Sale, Phone Call, etc., are the main events on which we report performance and create remarketing audiences. But, tracking micro-conversions as well, such as active and passive time on page, scroll depth, clicked on CTA buttons but didn't convert.

Web Analytics

Our dedicated analytics team works on your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to build a solid analytics system that brings actionable inputs for funnel optimization, messaging, offers, and performance on all traffic sources.

Web Analytics

We have high standards when it comes to Web Analytics – we refine and improve every detail when setting up the infrastructure and conversion tracking. A flawless setup allows us to follow user behavior in the funnel uninterruptedly.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Without a well-tuned funnel, your business can’t thrive. CRO specialists work to optimize bringing high-quality prospects and improve the user experience for customers to convert easier. CRO allows your business to blossom and reaches high ROI, acing the competition!

Conversion Rate Optimization

We plan activities that get you more revenue and grow your business. We develop creatives, do CRO website optimization, design landing pages, develop a persona, analyze screen recordings, scroll & heat maps, and split test if we handle CRO continuously.

Landing Page Design

We create landing pages tailored to your business needs. You can choose between a cold or warm audience, and we'll design multiple offers for you so that users who visit convert right away.

We are equally Diligent with platforms and tools that help work our magic

These platforms mainly serve as scaffolding to our work, but we follow industry trends nonstop and adapt

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  • figma-logo

Meet our clients from around the world

  • 37% & 24% CPA Reduction in 1st and 2nd month

  • 24% Increase in Conversions monthly

Matteo Gerevini

Head of Marketing and Sales e-mobility MV Agusta

The team at Diligent is very good at adapting to our particular business needs. We often have rapidly changing business priorities, and Diligent can quickly shuffle their expertise to adopt the most current needs. The communication is quick, and we get immediate feedback and help when needed. Overall, I’m satisfied with the results, communication, diverse expertise of the team, and the objective-based approach.

I would recommend Diligent to anyone who’d ask đŸ™‚

You choose the scope and the pace. We are flexible and can support you in multiple ways

Priority is what terms suit you best. Our focus is on what brings the most value to your business!

Ongoing Specialty Management

Let us handle everything Pay-Per-Click, Web Analytics & Conversion Tracking, and Conversion Rate Optimization. It will free your time, and your accounts will grow the fastest this way.


One-time Google Ads Setup

We’ll do past data analysis and create a campaign structure that supports scaling and unlocks full optimization potential.

One-time Google Analytics Setup

We’ll do a complete setup of Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking. You’ll have properly organized and structured Google Analytics and data inside, ready for ongoing Web Analytics.


One-time Funnel Optimization

We’ll give you a prioritized list of all possible improvements in your funnel, including mockups and creative. You can implement it and monitor afterwards with us or someone else.


Meet a dedicated team of specialists before they start growing your business online

You get a dedicated PPC Account manager, Web Analyst, CRO Strategist & Designer who work on your account and attend every meeting. We encourage you always to challenge our knowledge, approach & strategy!


Reporting & Communication tailored exactly to you

We follow our protocols relentlessly but match your needs on the dot.


Meet our clients from around the world

  • 6% - 10% Lead volume increase montly

  • 17% increase in Lead to Case Conversion Rate

Claudia Tran

Director of operations of iBoss Digital

I am very satisfied with the Diligent team. The value provided amazes me every time. The work is always detailed, and the reporting is very helpful. I am satisfied with the weekly updates and reports and the fact that Diligent has become more involved with my organization.

Request an Account Audit with 50+ dimensions checked

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