The main question is "Who is this ad for?"

When we serve users with ads tailored to their stage in the funnel, profitability and conversion volume drastically improve

Cold Acquisition

Facebook allows us to drive new people to the website, targeting different interests or similarities to other groups of people relevant to our business.

Best results are achieved when we test different ad formats. Targeting that is tested is kept in separate ad sets and merged when determined if it works.


Facebook allows us to go very deep with optimizing creatives and being unique on each of the platforms & placements.

Remarketing benefits the most from it, allowing us to align what we communicate to whom and when. CPA and Conversion rate on Facebook remarketing is usually one of the lowest.

Things begin to move as soon as we start working on the account

The project team working on your account will go through a series of steps to set up and develop your Facebook Ads campaigns most profitably

  • 1. Onboarding

    The first step for us is to get to know your brand, your competitors, their digital strategy, creatives, landing pages, and the offer. Any past data you have in the account will speed up the process and allow us to learn from your previous wins and losses. We need to understand the niche, which funnels we can create for your business and who are the people who are buying what you're offering.

  • 2. Campaign Structure

    On Facebook, you need to find a healthy balance between the size of the audience and the control you want to have. Higher control means a smaller audience, but a higher conversion rate and lower CPA; You can tailor messaging better and make it more relevant to each person. On the other hand, if the audience is too small, campaigns run into fatigue quickly, CPM increases, making CPC very expensive.

  • 3. Creatives & Messaging

    Creatives play the biggest role on Facebook, and it has to be engaging, catchy, and spark interest. Multiple ad formats should be used to tell the story about the offer, what it solves and what the benefits are. Different product benefits are communicated to cold users and returning website visitors. The offer and landing page have to be aligned with the stage in the buyer's journey.

  • 4. Conversion Funnel

    People who clicked on FB ads mostly aren't actively looking for what we're offering at that moment. Out of all platforms, funnels play the most prominent role on Facebook and are needed to reliably convert people who visited the website but haven't converted right away. Generating remarketed leads through Facebook, Google, Email, and other platforms is a proven strategy, and Facebook is THE best platform to do so.

  • 5. A/B & Split Testing

    Split test everything, all the time - targeting, ads, landing pages, CTAs, offers and funnels. A/B & Split testing is an integral part of digital advertising and the only sure way to grow the account continuously. Reliable testing requires infrastructure and trustworthy conversion tracking and data. KPIs grow weekly when we test different variables methodologically and make the correct conclusions.

  • 6. LTV & AOV Increase

    Increasing lifetime value and avg. order value of each customer is the marathon and requires a lot of creativity and flexibility. Calculating the future value each conversion will bring is crucial to avoid leaving money on the table in the long run. Facebook has many powerful tools, enabling the creation of a very precise up-sell and cross-sell campaign structure.

  • 7. Account Expansion

    The end goal is to have campaigns covering the bottom, middle & top of the funnel. Expanding an account by acquiring users earlier in the funnel, when they started researching a topic, gets us a lot of cheaper traffic. You need to have content and educate the user about everything there is to know about what you're selling. The upside is that you're their first and only thought when they decide to buy.

Meet our clients from around the world

  • 67% CPA Reduction

  • 275% Conversion Rate Increase

Richard Obousy

CEO of CitizenShipper

Diligent team is responsive, knowledgeable, have good ideas and are excellent members of a larger team. I know that our PPC marketing is in good hands with them. We’ve seen huge improvement in terms of our total conversions, sign-ups and ROI has improved a lot!

Facebook Ads management will bring outstanding results if it covers everything from the list!

We take our optimization process seriously and make sure we follow a set of daily, bi-weekly, weekly & monthly protocols.

  • Micro & Macro Conversion Tracking
  • Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Multiple Audience Classifications
  • Multiple Audience Classifications
  • Catalog Sales Campaigns
  • Video Campaigns
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Branding & Follower Building Campaigns
  • Multiple Retargeting Strategies
  • Granular Location-Based Ads & Targeting
  • Unpublished Page Post Ads
  • Interest-Based Grouping
  • Story, Feed & Other Placements Ad Optimization
  • Audience Tailored Ads Development
  • Ads Split Testing
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Engagement Rate Improvement
  • Competitor Ad Library Analysis
  • Tailored Dashboard with Custom KPIs
  • Facebook Analytics

This is not a one-size-fits-all Facebook Ads Management

A business benefits the most when Facebook Ads work in synergy with other relevant PPC platforms. We got you covered with all big paltforms!

Facebook Ads have a higher success rate with custom landing page design

The content of landing pages must be in line with Facebook Ads for a higher conversion rate & more seamless UX

A healthy funnel that brings conversions must pair landing pages with methodological campaign structure across all Meta platforms.

We create landing pages for every ladder in the buyer’s journey with specific content, a unique offer and a specially customized message.

CPA naturally goes down when the entire funnel converts better. Wouldn’t you like more conversions within the same budget?

You are in charge of how the project unfolds

We're flexible and able to support you in multiple ways

Ongoing Facebook Ads Management

Let us handle everything about Facebook Ads management. You avoid getting tangled up in the process, and your account will grow the fastest this way.


Facebook Ads Revenue Share

We’ll handle everything agreed upon, but when your account grows in value, we get an additional share for every percent it goes up by!

One-Time Facebook Ad Setup

With our expert past data analysis, we’ll take your campaign and make it scalable starting from the structure so that you can unlock all its potential.


Ongoing Facebook Ad Consulting

When you’re ready to expand your business online, we’ll be there with a plan best and specific to you. We will work together in one session weekly until everything has been covered to execute success!

With our team of 4 specialists, you can be sure that your Facebook Ads will get the attention they deserve

You will have a dedicated PPC Account Manager, Web Analyst, CRO Strategist & Designer working diligently on your account. We encourage you always to challenge our knowledge, approach or strategy!


Tailoring communication and reporting specifically to you

We pride ourselves on the ability to adjust a protocol to your needs.


Meet our clients from around the world

  • 39% CPA Reduction

  • 42% more leads in first month

Akber Roy

CEO of Rush PCB

Improvements started showing right after the setup was finished. I managed the account myself, and it was in decent state before the Diligent team. Breaking down the structure, improving the ads and landing pages they built really helped the account.Igor and his team resolved tracking too, which was my biggest problem.

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