CRO is the essential tool of any business that generate revenue online

Conversion rate optimization lowers customer acquisition costs by getting more value from the visitors and users you already have.

Funnel Development

Funnel Development increases conversion rate by giving users what they want as soon as possible, turning them into satisfied & returning customers.

Developing and optimizing the entire buyer’s journey allows you to focus on customer behavior – expectations of needs & problems and implement that knowledge throughout the funnel. It’s a continuous process for higher quality traffic sources, higher ROI, better navigation and UX throughout the website.

Further funnel optimization brings growth, efficiency, profitability and success to your business.

Buyer’s Persona Development

A buyer’s persona spotless content personalization, unique creative, and offer customization. Data, tracking, and persistent hypothesis testing aid in creating the perfect persona.

The more we define the persona, the more we minimize room for error and narrow down and define this target group. Bringing this dimension helps us develop and optimize a more personalized funnel, attracting high-value visitors likely to retain over time.

From our experience, revisiting the persona and updating their description continuously is best for avoiding conversion rate oscillation.

Every Conversion Rate Optimization client goes through the following steps after onboarding

The project team working on your account goes through the following 7 stages, synergizing intensively in the process to set up and develop a funnel in the most profitable way.

  • 1. Audit & Competitor Research

    We need to get familiar with your business, market and competitors before anything else to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Understanding all ins and outs of your business is the key to building profitable conversion rate optimization and funnel development.

  • 2. Strategy Creation

    We make a game plan of all CRO activities for the upcoming period. For high personalization, we analyze customer behavior and test hypotheses. We create different strategies & messaging for cold and warm audiences & optimize the funnel to support PPC activities.

  • 3. Implementation & Monitoring

    After that, we implement all strategy elements and constantly monitor them for growth potential. We develop creatives, ad copy, structure maps, landing page mockups, CTAs, and funnel design simultaneously. Performance data on all elements are our loadstar for a better conversion rate.

  • 4. Creatives, Messaging & Funnel

    We pay extra attention that creatives and messaging are consistent throughout the funnel, so there are no discrepancies between your campaigns and website. ROI can improve uninterruptedly over time on all digital marketing campaigns when the content is relevant to customers. Gaining their trust is one of the first steps to increased conversion rate.

  • 5. A/B & Split Testing

    Split testing with A/B versions of your offer serves to increase conversions without necessarily increasing incoming traffic. Landing pages are tested and analyzed to learn why a certain converted at a higher rate. We implement these insights and continue to test until we have a perfectly optimized, high converting landing page.

  • 6. Funnel Optimization

    Our CRO specialists invest time developing and optimizing the funnel to bring high-quality prospect customers, improve user experience, and increase conversion rates. A healthy and optimized funnel fits right in your successful business and allows it to bloom and soar.

  • 7. Buyer's Persona

    Using client data and research to segment key audiences creates an audience persona that makes your marketing more personal, provides a deeper understanding of the buyer, and determines new CRO activities. It is best to update her description to continue growing uninterruptedly.

Meet our clients from around the world

  • 21% increase in Conversion Rate

  • 34% increase in Add to Cart Conversion Rate

Yanir David

Owner of PrimeStyle

Diligent CRO team is very responsible and proactive with ideas. They redesigned my website and pop-ups and suggested changes which positively impacted sales. They showed me a lot of great information about my customers through recording sessions, which showed to be very important for improving user experience‚ÄĒall in all, great team and good cooperation.

Your Conversion Rate Optimization agency must be covering everything from the list!

Our daily, weekly & monthly protocols ensure we make sure every CRO dimension is checked diligently.

  • Screen Recording Analysis
  • Active & Passive Time on Page
  • Scroll Depth Analysis
  • Heat, Scroll & Move Maps Analysis
  • Demographics & Psychographics Analysis
  • Conversion Quality Improvements
  • New & Returning Users Analysis
  • Website Surveys
  • Conversion Copy Writing & Testing
  • Display Banner Development & Testing
  • A/B & Split Testing
  • Product Page Analysis & Improvements
  • Checkout Funnel Analysis & Improvement
  • Category Page Analysis & Improvements
  • Redesigns & Iterations
  • Landing Page Design
  • Custom Goals Segmentation
  • Hyper-Targeted Audience Creation
  • Competitor Research
  • Tailored Dashboard with Custom KPIs

We are equally Diligent with all conversion rate optimization platforms

Optimizing and increasing the effectiveness of our client’s digital sales funnels is much easier with proficiency in the following platforms:

  • google-analytics-logo
  • hotjar-logo
  • yandex-logo
  • figma-logo
  • google-optimize-logo
  • landingi-logo

Conversion Rate Optimization & Web Analytics perform beautifully together

Web Analytics has the answers to all questions the CRO department may have. Any hypothesis you have, any test you run, anything you’d like to see is more efficient when these two branches work in harmony.

When you pair conversion rate optimization with web analytics, you create an up to scratch system that improves the conversion rate of the entire website and all traffic sources.

A higher website conversion rate makes every channel more profitable, netting higher ROI on every marketing investment you make.

Implementing all needed CRO changes based on the Web Analytics inputs speeds up the initial setup, split & A/B testing, and increases conversion rate faster.

You choose the scope and the pace. We are flexible and can support you in multiple ways

Priority is what terms suit you best. Our focus is on what brings the most value to your business!

Ongoing Specialty Management

Let us handle everything Pay-Per-Click, Web Analytics & Conversion Tracking, and Conversion Rate Optimization. It will free your time, and your accounts will grow the fastest this way.


One-time Funnel Optimization

We’ll give you a prioritized list of all possible improvements in your funnel, including mockups and creative. You can implement it and monitor afterwards with us or someone else.


One-time Landing Page Design

We’ll create a Landing Page mockup in Figma that we can also publish in a website builder. You can afterwards hard-code the landing page with us or someone else.


Meet a dedicated team of 5 specialists before they start doing wonders with CRO

You get a dedicated CRO Content Strategist who works closely with the CRO Content Writer & Designer, PPC account manager and Web Analyst to apply all findings reliably & increase your conversion rate.


Reporting & Communication tailored exactly to you

We follow our protocols relentlessly but match your needs on the dot.


Meet our clients from around the world

  • 67% CPA Reduction

  • 275% Conversion Rate Increase

Richard Obousy

CEO of CitizenShipper

Diligent team is responsive, knowledgeable, have good ideas and are excellent members of a larger team. I know that our PPC marketing is in good hands with them. We’ve seen huge improvement in terms of our total conversions, sign-ups and ROI has improved a lot!

Request a Funnel Audit with 30+ Dimensions Checked

We will do a full website audit, focusing on the funnel from homepage to thank you page. We will deliver a doc file with audit outputs that uncover opportunities for improvements and point out elements that increase conversion rate.

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