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Transition to Google Analytics 4 [GA4 FREE EBOOK]

No more stalling. Universal Analytics will lose your data for good. Migrate to Google Analytics 4 on time, stress-free, and much more accurately than you would at the UA finish line.

Written by our Senior Web Analysts for YOU!

Why upgrade to Google Analytics 4?

There’s no modern business without data analytics.

Upgrading to GA4 brings access to its stellar features – better attribution, predictive audiences, platform integrations, and wider event manipulation possibilities.


What happens if I
don’t switch?

If you wait for the end of Universal Analytics, you will start from scratch, outrun by competition, and practically in data darkness for a substantial period.

You can easily miss out on essential steps of migrating events, parameters, and goals if you rush it.


Why switch
NOW, not later?

The timely transition will allow you to overcome the steep learning curve. You will thoroughly test out GA4 compared to UA and have a chance to run both tools simultaneously.

GA4 could serve as a backup source up to June 30th while you’re getting used to it.

Can I set up Google Analytics 4 by myself?

Undoubtedly. With this ebook, you will efficiently deal with complex items.
The transition to Google Analytics 4 from UA in 9 steps goes like this:


Google Analytics 4 is replacing Universal Analytics, so there is a guide on how to switch to GA4, use the core updates and refurbishments, compare UA to GA4, and grasp the power of the updated tool.


Create a property, and install Google Analytics 4 with GTM, gtag.js, or none. Connect GA4 properties to Google Ads. The most necessary element of the ebook is setting up the property correctly, + screenshots, instructions, and a manual where to click, scroll, modify, and confirm.


Utilize GA4 events — a critical improvement of GA4 — and its parameters. Discover other features like Enhanced Measurement, Automatically Collected Events, Recommended Events, etc. We show you how to setup Google Analytics 4 event tracking, test events, create reports, and discuss current limitations.


Understand Conversions in GA4 – the key concept to doing conversion tracking solo and successfully in the future. We show you everything: how to configure conversions, switch them on, create events, and mark them as conversions + expert tips on conversion naming conventions, and checking data in DebugView!


Many eCommerce platforms have varying levels of integration for GA4 tracking, and it’s complex due to different data models and Google’s strict formatting requirements. Explore all event types, parameters, and requirements for how to set up eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics 4 – for Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Wix, etc.


There is only analytics with reporting. We break down the Standard Reports (Acquisition, Engagement, Monetization, Demographics, and Tech) and dive deep into Explorations. The versatile visualizations and data segmentation reporting options of GA4 are a delight.


Understand your customers’ needs better with the power of integrations. The synergy of BigQuery with Data Studio will blow away any other analytics software because it has everything covered.


Explore use case scenarios of Diligent clients’ stories using custom events, custom reporting, and segmented audiences for much more sophisticated, professional, and insight-worthy conversion tracking.

9. FAQs

Get opinions on the most frequently asked questions about GA4. Some queries can be answered in multiple ways, depending on the business type and account history.

Why should I download THIS ebook?

It’s a free resource created for marketing professionals, but it’s literally for anyone to use. When learning GA4, our interns read it, and you can too.

Since 2020, we’ve helped 20+ businesses set up GA4.

This experience gave us the sleight of hand to distill the process into a 150-page, screenshot-filled, step-by-step FREE Google Analytics 4 guide.

Diligent clients that already got their GA4 setup:

Our clients already got their GA4 set:


What happens if I get stuck using the ebook?

Setting up GA4 is more than just adding a code to your website.
If you get entangled following these instructions – we are here to eliminate the guesswork!

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