Save Hours of Work with Google Ads Assets Template

Your ads get a higher CTR if you correctly use assets — extensions. Keep everything organized and ready to post with this stencil.

    Save Hours of Work with Google Ads Assets Template

    Your ads get a higher CTR if you correctly use assets — extensions. Keep everything organized and ready to post with this stencil.

    In This Template, You’ll Get:

    Easy to Use Guide

    Dedicated fields to fill in and character counters that save time and energy. Never exceed character limits again. No need to create the format of the Ads Assets from scratch.

    All-encompassing Approach

    Simply use our template and copy-paste the adequate format, and you’re ready to craft Ad Assets. For beginners & experts. Upload everything in a matter of minutes.

    Enhanced Workflow

    The template is adapted to Google Ads Editor so you can create multiple different formats effortlessly. Perfect for client meetings, too — no additional resources needed!

    Easily craft ad assets with a head start on your competition

    Resources Breakdown

    7 Sheets With Specific Google Ads Extension Types

    Every sheet contains a specific Google Ads Extension type that will save you a lot of time. Just choose what you need, from Sitelinks, Call Out Extensions, Structure Snippet Extensionsd, and so on.

    Additional Instructions & Checklist

    Use our short and informative Checklist to cover all the essential steps. We encourage you to write the required parts first, then focus on the additional variations that can be tested.

    Bonus content: How to Write Effective Ads Assets

    There are three core elements to every highly profitable and effective ad:

    1. Ads Assets Coverage

    Make sure to cover as much formats as possible to ensure bigger ad real estate. Also, cover all the additional information that can attract a click.

    This practice will:

    – Grab the user’s attention

    – Increase ad relevance

    – Match user intent

    And what will that do in return? Provide better conditions for higher CTR and effective ads.

    2. Ads Assets Match User Intent

    Once the ad grabs the user’s attention, the ad copy must call the user to click the call to action. The Ads Assets must mirror the user’s intent and provide information that aligns with their stage of the funnel and product awareness.

    5 ways to mirror the user’s intent are:

    – Add Sitelinks that are relevant to the user intent

    – Add Callout extensions that give valuable information

    – Add Promotion Extensions to attract new customers

    – Add Price extensions to help users decide

    – Add specific Extension formats to Ad Group level

    3. Ads Assets Are Tested and Optimized

    Finally, the job of the ad copy is to attract clicks and lead users to the landing page. In order to achieve a higher CTR, we must have a strategy in place and decide how the ad copy will be structured.

    So let’s see how to ensure good results:

    – Create a testing plan

    – Monitor ads assets performance

    – Optimize ads assets based on the winners

    Within this free Google ad copy template, you’ll get a good overview of your structure. Don’t forget to test different approaches and optimize based on the results!

    Word From Our Experts:

    Jovana Božić

    Head of CRO

    This template greatly impacted my approach to ad writing and the intent behind every ad. We always focus on which extension types we can add and then write them all based on our templates. After some time, we can see which extensions can to test, and we can add more of them faster.

    Katarina Pučijašević

    Content Specialist

    I enjoy using Google Ads Extension Template because it helps us consider which extension types would benefit a client. Then, I can quickly dive deep into writing and feel I have a clear goal.

    Aleksandar Bogdanović

    PPC Account Manager

    Extensions are significant for my client’s account. We need to pause and add new extensions on account, campaign, and ad group levels from time to time. I don’t think we would be able to upload such an enormous number of extension formats if we didn’t use our templates for upload.

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