Blueprint for Original On-brand Content Creation

Create the right content for the right time of the buyer’s cycle to turn leads into customers and nurture your existing customer relationships.

    Blueprint for Original On-brand Content Creation

    Create the right content for the right time of the buyer’s cycle to turn leads into customers and nurture your existing customer relationships.

    Quick Go-To Inspiration

    A straightforward content plan helps you quickly map out and create fresh and engaging content for your audience. Pull it out of your content stack if lacking inspiration or feel like you’ve covered everything for your brand. We guarantee original work!

    Multidimensional Approach

    We give you a matrix for content ideas for all the buyer’s cycle phases but also additional dimensions that deepen the quality of the content planning process like what questions to ask and why certain content matters so much.

    Reevaluation Tool

    Make sure you’re on track for success! The content marketing blueprint is easy to follow but moreover it can systematically help you find holes in your marketing funnel and improve strategy for an enhanced content ROI.

    Get The Buyer's Cycle Content Strategy For Max Performance

    Resources Breakdown

    Buyer's Cycle Phases Content Matrix

    The PDF resource is a map that helps marketers and content writers organize content, gives a new perspective, and keeps leads and customers engaged and emotionally invested.

    Additional Instructions

    A clear plan of action for developing relevant and engaging content can be used in any buyer’s cycle while keeping your buyers top-of-mind.

    Bonus content: How to Write Better Content

    Here’s additional valuable tips and tricks that will help you take your writing to the next level:

    1. Use the Right Writing Tools

    You need resources to craft inspiring content pieces if you’re a writer. But, more is needed for banging content than reading many books, blogs, and newsletters. You should enjoy the help of tools that enrich the storytelling/content marketing process to write content that will spark a fire in the eyes of the reader.

    In Diligent, some of our core content marketing tools include:

    – Grammarly Premium for error-free, digestible content
    – for the best synonyms, phrases, and idioms
    – Kurt Vonnegut Narrative Arcs
    – The Buyer’s Cycle Content Strategy Planner
    – Hemmingway App
    – SurferSEO and many more…

    2. Remember the Format and Platform

    Content is alive; it can be expanded, shortened, repurposed, and recontextualized… If you know how to do it. Remember that a blog post CAN be a newsletter but needs a different structure. A white paper and an Instagram story can have the same narrative but should be in a completely different tonality.

    Remember to follow trends, experiment, and optimize your content distribution tactics! Also, follow our other resources and blog to keep yourself updated on the content marketing, ad copy and editing processes.

    3. KISS (Keep it Short & Simple)

    Or as Micheal Scott from the Office would say: Keep it simple, stupid.
    Digital content should be written differently than a Russian novel from the 19th century, and it won’t hold any attention if a sentence is too difficult to read. You want your user, lead, or customer to review the content AQAP and continue to convert.

    So, a few things to have in mind for easy-to-follow content is:

    – Avoid fluff
    – Minimize the use of adverbs
    – Write in a conversational tone
    – Practice short sentences
    – Read your content out loud after editing

    Jovana Božić

    Head of CRO

    The Buyer’s Cycle Content Strategy planner is essential for content marketers. The planner helps you plan, edit, and produce relevant content for your buyers, including all phases of the buyer’s cycle, from awareness to advocacy. We ease the content ideation and creation process by mapping out every content type for each buyer’s cycle stage.

    Katarina Pučijašević

    Content Specialist

    Sometimes you need a quick plan for a piece of content, after which you can outline and execute content creation. This resource we created has helped me create better outlines for content because I have mapped out what I need to remember: what the audience knows, expects, and demands from content. I enjoy using it, so I highly recommend it from my side!

    Milica Terzić

    Content Team Leader

    Since we implemented this template, not only internally have we seen a more fluent and easy process of planning and producing content, but our clients’ feedback has improved. We have brought more actionable inputs to our content audits, given more specialized and detailed suggestions for updates, and created more quality content YoY.

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