Guarantee Spotless Ad Copy Every Time

Tick all the boxes for perfect results within the ad copy checklist. With it, you can organize and write ads that will upload error-free to the site or app of your choice!

    Guarantee Spotless Ad Copy Every Time

    Tick all the boxes for perfect results within the ad copy checklist. With it, you can organize and write ads that will upload error-free to the site or app of your choice!

    In This Template, You’ll Get:

    Easy to Use Guide

    This Checklist is adequate for all levels of expertise, from beginners to experts. It offers specific questions to mark and select to save time and energy in the long run. Never miss an integral part of the Ad preparation process again.

    All-encompassing Approach

    Why would you guess or try to remember if you missed something in the process? Just go through our checklist to ensure your work is spotless and that ads are ready for review and launch.

    Process Accelerator

    No need to look at all the different documents and notes. Focus on this comprehensive Checklist and perform all of the necessary steps. Cover planning, data collection, task creation, execution, review, and asset delivery.

    Get The Essential Ad Copy Checklist For Ultimate Performance

    Resources Breakdown

    Checklist with Specific Steps

    The process covers everything from planning to final delivery. Follow all the steps, or skip to ones that apply to your situation. The Checklist will ensure precise expectation setting, smooth execution, and perfect, error-free assets ready for upload or client approval.

    Additional Fields & Comments

    Use our Essential Checklist to cover all the critical steps. We encourage you to tick the boxes and add comments as you go through the steps for additional dopamine kicks. Make your process transparent and organized for the best possible results.

    Bonus content: How to Write Effective Ads

    In addition to targeting, there are three core parts to every highly profitable and effective ad:

    1. Keywords Are Present In Ads

    Make sure the main keywords are present both in headlines and descriptions to ensure that the ad is relevant.

    This practice will:

    – Grab the user’s attention

    – Increase ad relevance

    – match user intent

    And what will that do in return? Provide better conditions for higher CTR and effective ads.

    2. Ads Match User Intent

    Once the ad grabs the user’s attention, the ad copy must call the user to click the call to action. The ad copy must mirror the user’s intent and provide information that aligns with their stage of the funnel and product awareness.

    5 ways to mirror the user’s intent are:

    – Ask a question based on the specific keyword

    – Provide answers based on the specific keyword

    – Offer product benefits related to the user’s intent

    – Give relevant Call to Action aligned to user’s intent

    – Send users to landing pages relevant to the keyword

    3. Ads Are Tested and Optimized

    Finally, the job of the ad copy is to attract clicks and lead users to the landing page. In order to achieve a higher CTR, we must have a strategy in place and decide how the ad copy will be structured.

    So let’s see how to ensure good results:

    – Create a testing plan

    – Monitor ads performance

    – Optimize ads based on the winners

    Within this free Google ad copy template, you’ll get a good overview of your structure. Don’t forget to test different approaches and optimize based on the results!

    Jovana Božić

    Head of CRO

    The error check process was one of the biggest bottlenecks for ad copy creation. We knew that whenever we had more extensive assets on our hands, we needed to go with a fine tooth comb and find all the potential errors. But copywriters sometimes forget that step or rush to send the asset to the next person involved. The Checklist made us slow down and focus on the process quality.

    Katarina Pučijašević

    Content Specialist

    The Essential Ad Copy Checklist is the first thing I bookmarked on my first day at Diligent. I understood its’ value after it helped me prevent mistakes and potential issues whenever I used it. It keeps me grounded, and I can cover all the significant planning aspects thanks to the Checklist. Better safe than sorry.

    Jelena Nestorović

    PPC Account Manager

    This template decreased errors, and we don’t have situations where ads exceed character limits. We’ve seen a significant improvement in the overall organization of the ad copy planning and delivery after the CRO team started relying on this helpful and neat Checklist.

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