46% Conversion Rate Boom for Jewelry Brand

PrimeStyle has been a diamond jewelry manufacturer in the market for over 20 years. Their focus is primarily on engagement rings, bridal sets, wedding bands, diamond bracelets, and many other products.

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46% Conversion Rate Boom for Jewelry Brand

PrimeStyle has been a diamond jewelry manufacturer in the market for over 20 years. Their focus is primarily on engagement rings, bridal sets, wedding bands, diamond bracelets, and many other products.

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Our team of experts pulled out key information in regards to the results we had with our clients!
Over 70% of positive responses
The website visitors rated the new website look as excellent.
92% of users had an excellent user experience
The website visitors reported no issues or bugs.
46% conversion rate lift
The new website design and functionality had a positive impact on sales.
The average time on page was increased by 56%
The website visitors spent more time on product pages and engaged with the content.

The Story

The store owner approached us wanting to increase sales. At the time, we managed the client’s Google Ads campaigns and helped with Google Analytics tracking and reporting. He felt it was time to improve the website functionality and overall look. He told us he knew the website’s weaknesses and how it’s impacting user satisfaction, but he didn’t know how to change that. 

We agreed that the website needed a fresh, more modern look to stay competitive in a very aggressive jewelry niche, so we pulled up our sleeves and started working on the website redesign strategy.

The Challenge

Modern look, with preserved legacy

We knew the website needed to look more modern and offer better functionality. But at the same time, the client wanted to preserve the legacy and establish brand visuals and style. That was challenging from time to time, but we always strived to achieve a satisfying solution for both sides.

New website

The client also migrated from Magento to Shopify. The migration was an additional factor that we had to keep in mind and consider all the functional differences and how that can impact our suggestions and ideas.

The season

We started working on this project in August, and the goal was to finish it and have everything up and running before October. The client wanted the new website ready before the Black Friday.

The timeline was reasonable, but we knew that the old website visitors needed to be informed and prepared before the website went through all the changes. That’s why we were also helping the client with the New Website Launch email campaigns.

The Approach

The Redesign Process

It was time to shine. After performing detailed competitor analysis and client website audit, we created a complete website redesign strategy. 

This strategy needed to combine the best practices from the jewelry niche, incorporate the client’s identity, and increase the website’s functionality. 

We presented the competitor research and the audit insights to the client and collected his feedback. After that, we worked on low- and high-fidelity mock-ups for all essential website pages.

We specifically focused on:

  1. Homepage 
  2. Category pages
  3. Product page 
  4. Cart
  5. Checkout Funnel

After we finished the design and the client was satisfied, he started implementing the new look on the Shopify website. We were assisting him and offering advice and input throughout the process.

The Website Launch

After the website was live, we monitored the performance through User recordings and reported the insights to the client. 

 We provided additional suggestions for improvements and tests based on what we detected through qualitative and quantitative data. 

Initially, we anticipated a slight drop because the website change was significant, and old visitors initially felt disoriented.

But luckily, the client had a successful Pre-launch email campaign that helped bring more visitors and award them a celebratory discount.

We also created a survey on Hotjar to get user feedback in the early days of the new website launch and see how the new look is received among the website visitors.

The Results

Survey Answers

Starting from the survey results, we detected a positive impact of the website redesign.

 After 109 answers came in, we saw a dominantly positive reaction. 

  • Over 70% of respondents rated the new website as excellent.
  • 92% didn’t have any issues with the website (our goal was to spot functionality issues and report them to the client as soon as possible).
Conversion Rate

The overall redesign of the sales funnel brought a 46% conversion rate lift. This result was recorded for the period of 5 months and compared to the same period the previous year (March to November).

Average Time on Page

The average time on page was increased by 56%. We recorded positive behaviors through Hotjar that indicated highly engaged users. The overall impression is that the users now have easy access to other pages through new page sections (Related product section and Complimentary items section that we added in the new design).

The Conclusion

Every business needs to adapt, evolve, and ultimately change to stay competitive and relevant. Customers are always looking for the best outcome for themselves, and if the business doesn’t know what that is for its customers, it will fall behind quickly. 

Sometimes that means a complete makeover, and sometimes only minor tweaks are enough. How do you know which one is the correct solution? You get experienced experts to help you make the best decision.

The results that PrimeStyle achieved prove that working with a dedicated team of experts that care for their client’s business success is a winning combination

Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us show you how we can help improve your business.


Key improvements

To grow PRIMESTYLE, we focused on:

  • Keyword level optimization
  • Negative keywords
  • Bidding strategies development
  • Product feed optimization
  • GA4 Setup
  • Up-sell & cross-sell campaign
  • Ad Testing & Improvement
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